Do you know what a personalised t shirt is ?

Personalised t shirt

It's easy, fun and nobody else will have the same as yours! YOU are the designer. Customising a t shirt is a better way of meeting your expectations and tastes by choosing from A to Z what it will look like.

personalised t shirt, how does it work?

  • First, you choose the type of product you want: type of t shirt, material, colour.
  • Then, you can design it the way you want: you can add some text or some picture. You will have suggested designs but if you want your own you can import them from your computer or scan them directly.

Who can creat a personalised t shirt ?

  • If you are a CEO, a personalised t shirt will highlight your entreprise by making your co-workers wearing the logo-printed t shirt.
  • If you want some special picture on your t shirt: your best friend, your pet, your family...
  • You like a quotation, a funny phrase and want to wear it or you want to convey a message
  • You start a new company and you want to promote your unknwown brand: a personalised t shirt will advertise it for you
  • You go to a special event: a hen party, a sportive event and you want to mark the occasion

Why wear a customised t shirt ?

  • You have not found what you are looking for on the market and you want something in particular
  • You want to be unique and want to stand out from others
  • You wish to give somebody a present that YOU made particularly for them

You can order the quantity you wish, either one for yourself or many for your company, team.

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